「新物質主義: Neo-Materialism」Group show @Whitestone Ginza New Gallery 2019 2/27-3/5

ホワイトストーンギャラリー銀座新館にて、ユニークな素材を用い鑑賞者に驚きを与えるアーティスト4名:坪田昌之、ARTIST miu、西村有紀子MADARA MANJIのグループ展を開催していただきました。素材本来の美しさ、魅力に着目し、斬新な手法で再構築し表現する作家達。

Whitestone Ginza New Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition of prominent four artists: Masayuki Tsubota, ARTIST miu, Yukiko Nishimura and MADARA MANJI who are making excellent use of their unique materials and always bringing us pleasant surprise. They focus on the beauty and intrinsic appeal of original materials, reconstructing and expressing by their own innovative style. We would very appreciate if you could stop by the gallery and have time to see our exhibition.

Whitestone Gallery Tokyo
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(Left)MADARA MANJI   Yukiko Nishimura  (Right)ARTIST miu